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Kamis, 18 Desember 2014

lirik lagu Amsterdam rick ross dan youtube video putar nya

Maybach shit!
Cameras in the ceiling, Céline on my arm
We get Ghosts, you already know what it is
Money stuffed in my bag
Maybach shit!

[Verse 1]
Bright lights and dark corners, it's night embark on us
Refugees running wild Wyclef with a Sig Sauer
Nothing to lose, I was starving from the start
Now the same cat drive in Jaguars
Open fire when you see me yell out and make em whisper
The club that I'm a member, they'll be gone by November
Keys to the city got killers who slither with me
Lamborghini, middle of the ghetto, smoke a fat fifty
Billionaire bid, wrists on chill
Standing in the field of dreams tryna see a hundred mil
These boys going blind, they just happy being free
In a world of so many I just wanted me a key
Sheesh! I just wanted me a piece
Slice of cheesecake before my niggas all deceased
These boys snort lines I'm fine just sipping wine
Amsterdam in the air, tomorrow on my mind

I'm Barry Gordy to the streets
With a kilo set that boy up in the piece [?]
I wanna be there when each one of my kids born
Raw blood, hundred acres each to live on
Real nigga to the day that I'm deceased
Even then I pray I'm living through the beats
Dope boy, you can tell by my sneaks
Burning Amsterdam green where it falls like a leaf

[Verse 2]
Born in the bricks with the short end of the stick
Always running late, quick to show up with your bitch
The Hublot's cool but my Terminator's foolish
All stainless steel, quick to match it with my tool and
Red carpet event, the marijuana be lit
Red or blue, do you, as long as you're getting rich
Crack game, champagne, kilos on the stock exchange
Rolls Royce, new Ghost, that's a nigga pocket change
These niggas acting like they want a war!
When it come to whacking niggas I done won awards
Nigga, you a bitch, where yo Honda Accord?
I'm riding in some shit only I can afford
Shouldn't claim the hood til you build a report
Amsterdam state of mind: I just gave you a tour
I'm laughing at the people who label me poor
Now I piss on Europeans, you'd think it was porn


I'm speaking on unwritten laws - the code of the streets
I'm not the type of nigga that you bump into at a 7-11 and just pull your pistol on him
And do what the fuck you want to do
Niggas like me, you gotta get permission homie!
And that could take a long time!
In that time, I'ma handle my muthafuckin' business...
Ruugh! Ruugh!

It's the Red Light district, nigga this Amsterdam
Wherever the fuck I'm at
It's a no go
We green-light, you bitch niggas

 "Amsterdam rick ross"

Lirik lagu Sixteen (feat. André 3000) rick ross dan youtube video putar

[Intro: Rick Ross]
(When 16 ain't enough...)
It's funny because, it's been on my mind lately
Having a dope beat, a dope idea...
16 bars ain't enough!
How the fuck can I squeeze my whole life into a 16 bar verse?
You know, so many different levels, to living your life
Depicting with your wordplay, exactly what life means to you
16 ain't enough
I know y'all gonna feel me on this one
You gotta feel me on this one

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
It's funny how things change, funny how time fly
More than my feet travel, the more that I feel fly
More that I make now, the more that the chicks smile
She call me a local nigga, I opened a Swiss account
Eisenhower status, Etta James on the dash
Smooth as John Coltrane cruising in the Cadillac
Seville - feel my life on the real
We the Last Poets so this is a world premiere
Rolling like Mick Jagger, the women just getting badder
All I see is the money, cream, Eric Clapton
And all I wanted was one, 16 ain't enough
Talking that fast money 15 every month
When your people labelled poor, that motivated me more
Everything I ever wore was once worn before
Roll with the punches now it's box office numbers
Dressed like Sammy Davis, steamin' my marijuana
Double MGs, double M fees
We in every hood, nigga: government cheese
Yachts and Yacht Masters, Old Dirty Bastard
Floor seat for the Heat paper that I'm stackin'
Better put away a penny for the rainy days
Pick and roll, give and go, fuck a fade away
Livin' like Scottie Pippen, dribble riddles for vittles
Started off with a scribble, now I'm flowing a river
She say my heart cold, I'm naming my son December
Whitney died night before the Grammys - damn, what a memory
Trump Tower and I started with a 10 speed
Born broke had to use a nigga's instincts
Now I get a hundred racks for the 16
Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen
Niggas hating, I'm just watchin' on the big screen
3 stacks on the beat and the kicks mean

[Interlude: Andre 3000]
(When 16 ain't enough...)
You know how sometimes you got so much to say but
They on-, they only give you 16, heh...
Man it's like... I mean I got so much to say
The world has said like so much to me, I just wanna give it right back to em
But, I only get 16, that's like a cage you know
I really can't say what I wanna say, you know it's just a glimpse
That's all, just one uh, one little single glimpse
Just a page
But I guess I'm defeating the purpose of doing all this talking

[Verse 2: Andre 3000]
Summer '88, or was it '89
Or was it wintertime, ah, never mind
I'm in my room, boomin'
Drawin' LL Cool J album covers with crayolas on construction paper
I'm trying to fuck my neighbor, I'm tryna hook my waves up
I'm tryna pull my grades up, to get them saddle lace ups
Before Le Marc was Jacob, before them girls wore makeup
Before my voice would break up, before we'd tour them shake clubs
Before my mama wake up, before my palms would cake up
Before they tell me they love me and we'll never breakup
Before the time she makes love, to someone that I thought was, my homeboy
But boy, was I wrong, now
I don't budge, don't want much, just a roof and porch
And a Porsche, and a horse and unfor-tunately
But of course an assort-ment of tor-ches that scor-ches the skin, when they enter
Intru-ders, whose tutors did a lousy job
How's he god if he lets Lucifer let loose on us
That noose on us won't loosen up but loose enough to juice us up
Make us think we do so much and do it big
Like they don't let us win, I can't pretend
But I do admit it, it feel good when the hood pseudo-celebrate
Hence why every time we dine we eat until our belly aches
Then go grab the finest wine and drink it like we know which grape and which region it came from
As if we can name em, hint hint, it ain't um Welch's
Hell just fill three thousand more degrees cooler
Y'all can't measure my worth
But when you try, you'll need a ruler made by all the Greek gods
Because the odds have always been stacked against me when back's against the wall
I feel right at home, y'all sitting right at home
All Kelly green with envy while I'm jelly beans descending
Into the palm of a child, looks up at mama and smiles
With such a devilish grin, like "where the hell have you been"
She yelling that selling's a sin, well so is telling young men
That selling is a sin, if you don't offer new ways to win
A dolphin gon' shake his fin, regardless if he gets in
Or out of water, most important thing for him is to swim
And Flipper didn't hold his nose, so why shall I hold my tongue?
(I miss the days of old, when one could hold his girl on his arm)
And not set off these alarms, when cameras snap snap snap snap
Return fire, pa-pa-pa, pa, pa-pa, pa, pa, pa
They'll learn why, near privacy, so essential
They won't make no laws, I break their laws till they see out our window
I take the fall to make them all treat human kind more gentle
Forsake them all, I hate them all, don't like em don't pretend to
Yea something tells me, we ain't in Kansas anymore
All that shit that used to be cool ain't cool anymore
All the women you been pursuing, now they want more
And they deserve it all, don't settle for what ain't yours

(When 16 ain't enough...)
Does your mama know you see me, does she know you're freaky?
Does she ever wonder if it's 'bout ya I am speaking?
Do you ever ponder where I'm at when you get sleepy?
How the hell I'm gonna tell the youth don't be me?

Does your daddy think you perfect, does he know for certain?
Does he know how you act when you pull back all them curtains?
Do he think I'm 2Pac cause I'm black and put the works in?
Does he know his daughter might have caught a real merman?

"Sixteen (feat. André 3000) rick ross"

Lirik lagu Maybach Music IV (feat. Ne-Yo) rick ross dan youtube video putar

[Verse 1]
Yea, such a breath of fresh air
Get a blowjob, have a seizure on a Lear
Or get a new car, I could lease it for a year
Or bring it back tomorrow, that's a lease that disappear
Count new money, peeling out a venue
New Maybach after it was discontinued
Never question mine, my mind is so inventive
Quadrupled my net worth and threw in a few incentives
Maybach IV the allure that I adore
All money game, we got ones in the floor
See me on the wood, nigga, pause at the game
Two mil, the jewels, no flaws, ask them lames
Bow to the boss in the presence of a don
Started on the corner nigga, didn't have a coin
Playing my position for a club that I can join
Never in the draft, but that boy know he going
Throw me a bone, get me a brick
That's on the Quran I'ma go and get the chips
Go and get a rental, I got a cute bitch
She's showing some potential, so we taking trips
Nigga, assets last while memories fade
I'ma, fetch that ass I don't get paid
I'm a Mike Tyson type of, typewriter sniper
Double M life 'til a nigga pay the piper
I love when the beat dip
Same way I love to see a key flip
Go and pay your mama house off
Get sucked off, shorty wipe your mouth off
I'm alive, you could never write the South off
South paw, box a nigga like a outlaw
Quick thinker, big better shut your mouth, wha?
Black chips, gold bottles ship it out raw
Pulling up slow, look at that boy
Young B.I.G., Lil Kim on tour
Lil Cease with me, all the cheese with me
All the g's with me, Maybach Eazy-E

The good times don't last long
Just rewind the last song
We all shared some great times
As I read some great rhymes

What we does, is what dreams are made of
Come and get your love, all of this love

[Verse 2]
500 for the car that I got on the strip
That's another 100, what I got on my wrist
800 for the jar that I'm about to twist
It's a female strand, you know life's a bitch
As I get high, move my curtains to the side
Age like fine wine, ambitions they never die
Niggas get abused like boys at Penn State
Greatest that ever did it, decided my own fate

Dreams, everything that we are
The life that we're living, baby it's ours
Dreams, money, homes, and cars
Baby that's a given, I'm talking about every fantasy
Be good real with me, don't miss something good, oh
Baby come with me and live the dream

It's a whole 'nother different element
It's Maybach roman numeral four
You couldn't fathom this, you couldn't imagine this
You can't produce this, you won't reproduce this

I'll be dreaming of you
I'll be dreaming of you
You'll be making it come true
I'll be dreaming of you

I'll be dreaming of you
I'll be dreaming of you
You'll be making it come true
I'll be dreaming of you

[LA Reid]
This is LA Reid
It takes a boss to know a boss
It takes greatness to recognize greatness
Ricky Ross, the boss, Maybach IV

Lirik lagu Ashamed rick ross dan putar video youtubenya

[Verse 1]
Got on my darkest shades, this man is made
Inherit no riches, Jehovah's my witness
Physical fitness, home economics
In the kitchen digital scales producing the product
Cut the noose off my neck, black runaway slave
In the coupe with the tec, it's the home of the brave
They wanna know names, they toting em thangs
Never wanted the fame, just wanted a Range
I needed some change, mama needed a raise
She stayed in a rage, hated minimum wage
I'm feeling the same, all these criminals paid
Wearing Bally's and gold, I'm selling dope shameless to say
And maybe one day I could put this pain away
Until then I'ma be a d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'ma be a d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

[Hook (x2)]
(Honey, it's shameless
Shameless, what you've done)
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

[Verse 2]
Before I was a fetus, had the genes of a leader
I mean look at my features, educated my teachers
I was calling them plays, you were still in the bleaches
Booby gave me the game, change to give me some sneakers
Now I'm roaming the block, car missing the top
Meaning missing a roof, hope you listening y'all
I was dealt a few blows, I felt a few lows
Even shed a few tears, I traveled that road
Went from walking on gravel, now I'm riding on vogues
50M's in the bank, I get me 200, I'm gone
Still so close to the hood, I'm ashamed to say
All the money in the world can't take this pain away
It's just another story at the campfire
Court side seats with the franchise
I think about my niggas doing 25
Shining bright, who am I for you to criticize?

[Hook (x2)]
(Honey, it's shameless
Shameless, what you've done)
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

[Verse 3]
I'm smoking psychedelics, I hustle like a felon
Hottest record label, but still in all I'm chilling
Not a crack in my voice, this young nigga so poised
First I stack some money, then go to war with them boys
Anybody can get it, hand this man here some tissues
Better ring the alarm, cause we bringing them pistols
Heaven singing them songs, speaking on sensitive issues
These emotional niggas, and most of them killas
They moving in silence, but they follow your Twitters
These the games that they play, they study your Instagram pictures
See I live by the code, that the mafia wrote
When he ran his mouth, me I'd rather smoke
I'd rather listen, he had to ask permission
I had to make a way, I had to add commission
Until this day I'm slain, the commission remains
Now I'm worth over a billion, I'm ashamed to say

[Hook (x2)]
(Honey, it's shameless
Shameless, what you've done)
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'ma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

 "Ashamed rick ross youtube video putar"

Lirik lagu 3 Kings (feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z) rick ross dan putar video youtubenya

[Dr Dre]
Yeah, classic hip hop shit
Dr D-R-E, Rozay and Jay
Lets get ‘em
We started out mopping floors
Now we front row at the awards
Number 1 for the last 20 years
If you real muthafucker scream cheers
Muthafucker scream cheers
And it is what it is
He wanted to shine at the swap meet
Til the white boys got him in that hot seat
Only love it when her hair long
You should listen to this beat through my headphones
Money long, number 1, 20 years strong
Fuck a gym, I am him, Andre Young
G5′s to ’64′s, Dre got ‘em
If the bitch bad I got her in red bottoms
Great weed, nice homes, bread proper
Tech 9, long chamber, top shotta
Bentley coupe, new yacht, my helicopter
Born broke, real nigga straight outta Compton
The fuck you magazine niggas want from me?
I rewrote the game nigga, now talk money
All black on my Al Capone shit
I built the house, nigga get ya own shit
I only love it when her hair long
You should listen to this beat through my headphones

[Rick Ross]
See yall niggas
Hit the switches on that shit one time
Lay the top down
I came along way from the weed game
20 stack seats at the Heat game
And I’m still strapped with the heat man
And we stepping’ on a nigga feet mayne
8 pair of sneakers, came from the d-game
Cousin was a crip said it was a c-thing
Brown bag money in a duffle bag
Fuck ‘em all, wet ‘em, yeh we gotta double bag
The homie whipping chickens in his momma kitchen
On a mission, say he get it for son’s tuition
Real nigga’s dreams coming to fruition
Stumble but I never fall leaning on my pistol
I only love her when that ass fat
We used to listen to this track in my Maybach
I’m just tryna be a billionaire
Come and suck a dick for a millionaire

It’s just different, I know it feels different
I only love her if her eyes brown
Play this shit while you play around with my crown
King H-O, yall should know by now
If you don’t know
Millions on my wall in all my rooms
Niggas couldn’t fuck with my daughters room
Niggas couldn’t walk in my daughters socks
Banksy bitches, Basquiats
I ran through that buck 50, Live Nation fronted me
They working on another deal, they talking 250
I’m holding out for 3, 275 and I just might agree
Ex D-boy, used to park my Beemer
Now look at me I can park at my own Arena
I only love her if her weave new
I’m still a hood nigga, what you want me to do?
Been hoppin’ out the BM with your bm
Taking her places you can’t go with your per-diem
Screaming carpe diem until I’m a dead poet
Robin Williams shit, I deserve a Golden Globe
I take an Ace in the meanwhile
You ain't gotta keep this khaled, it’s just a freestyle
Fuck rap money, I made more off crates
Fuck show money, I spent that on drapes
Close the curtains, fuck boy out my face
I whip the coke, let the lawyer beat the case
Murder was the case that they gave me
I killed the Hermes store somebody save me
Stuntin’ to the max like wavy
Ooh shit, stuntin’ to the max I’m so wavy
Used to shop in TJ Maxx back in ’83
I didn’t even know if it was open then
I ain't know Oprah then
Had the Xl80 bike, loud motor
They be like, damn when I’m coming through
Had a grill in ’88
Ya’ll niggas is late
You got all that right?
I love this shit like my own daughter
And spray these niggas baby just like daddy taught ya
Young, it’s just different

" 3 Kings (feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z)"

Lirik lagu Pirates rick ross dan putar video youtubenya

I guess there ain't no nice way to tell you niggas it's game over, huh?
Pray for me

[Verse 1]
Hallucination of money, while nigga's stomach just rumble
Had to fuck with the Haitians and break a kilo to crumbles
Nigga living in rubble, but get him labelled a rebel
Any nigga wan' rumble, somebody hand me a shovel
Gotta silence the lambs, get on my Buffalo Bill
Steppin' off the Sonoma with the black duffel bag filled
Got a cute bitch with me; favor Kimora, for real
Got Meek Mill on the celly, that nigga worth a few mil
I multiply what I manage, I manage to multiply
Witness real niggas fail, and watch you fuck niggas strive
Witness bitch niggas pale, Japar [?] just got twenty-five
At this point in my life, I'm just trying to survive
Homicide stay on my mind, Christopher Wallace of my time
R.I.P. to the legend, 2Pac Shakur with a nine
Makaveli returns - it's God forgives, and I don't
Resurrection of the real, time to get the richer than Trump

I'm rolling the dice, four, five, six
Young nigga, 19, four, five bricks
Praying on you niggas, sinners full of hate
God forgives and I don't, only hustlers relate

Trying to keep my head above water, nigga
We pirates out here, nigga, just trying to stay afloat
And I ride for my niggas

[Verse 2]
Fascination with fortune afford me mansion and Porsches
Panoramas, abortions, marijuana imported
Dreams of getting cream and never to be extorted
Seen so many things, be preposterous not to record it
Product is in demand, profit not far behind
Got on my mother pearl, she fucking up father time
Babies be having babies, I'm talking 'bout how I grind
Niggas thinking it's voodoo the way bricks be multiplying
Affiliated with wealth, associated with death
Self-made millionaire, snatch a triple beam off the shelf
Straight Grim Reaper, Air Jordans walking the streets
Blackberry boss - one call, ya put to sleep

I'm rolling the dice, four, five, six
Young nigga, nineteen, forty five bricks
Praying on you niggas, sinners full of hate
God forgives and I don't, only hustlers relate

The Lord is my light and my salvation
But I see none of you fuck niggas
Fuck what you heard, nigga
I need to feel it
I need to smell it
I need to see it

"Pirates rick ross"

Lirik lagu rick ross Pray For Us dan terjemahannya indonesia

Come on let's pray

Dear Lord
Please forgive us for all the sins we have brought upon us
And look down upon us with forgiveness for all the sins we will have in the future
I know you understand that niggas ain't perfect
But we try, Lord
We try to keep our heads up in bad times
This is a bad time
Show us the way
And if You can't show us the way
Then forgive us for being lost

artiinya dalam terjemahan bahasa Indonesia:
mari kita berdoa

kepada Tuhan
Silakan mengampuni segala dosa yang kami telah perbuat
Dan berikan lah kami dengan pengampunan bagi semua dosa yang akan berguna di masa depan kami
Saya tahu Anda memahami bahwa kami tidak sempurna
Tapi kami mencoba, Tuhan
Kami mencoba untuk menjaga kelakuan kami yang buruk
Ini adalah waktu yang terburuk bagi kamu
ini Menunjukkan kepada kita jalan
Dan tunjukkan lah kami jalan